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Sample Home Inspection Report 


John Plyler is a licensed home inspector serving the greater Raleigh area since 1988.

If the inspection can be scheduled in the morning, the report is written in the afternoon and normally e-mailed the same day.

Prices start at $350. Please call for the price of your inspection.

The Inspection Includes:

* Roof- flashing, nail pops, & torn shingles (the roof is normally walked over and not viewed from the ground).

* Electrical- panels, receptacles, switches, wiring, grounds, & fixtures.

* Plumbing- leaks, piping, water flow & pressure, vents, & traps.

* Structure- joints, rafters & girder spans, piers, & load bearing walls.

* Exterior- drainage, driveway, grounds, shrubs & trees, fencing, retaining walls, & deck.

* Crawl Space- dampness, insulation, building debris, piers & structural framing.

* Interior- ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, stairs, & appliances.

* Heating- temperature rise, flue pie, air filters, ducting, burner, & thermostat.

* Air-Conditioning- charge lines, condenser, evaporator, compressor, fans, temperature difference, drain lines.

* Attic- insulation, ventilation, fans, framing & roof decking.


Buyers Beware: Inspectors are not all equal, please check their qualifications.

Home Inspector- License 125

Electrical Contractor- License 16916-L

Residential Building Contractor- License 26874

Heating Contractor- License 16854

Plumbing Contractor- License 16854

Structural Pest Control Certification- CA3391W


Capital Home Inspections, Inc.

Inspecting Homes since 1988

Graduate of NC State University

Home Inspector’s License #125

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